Bill Gates Taxes:

The state of this richest man in the whole world has the strictest of the taxes system in the entire United States. All the people are compulsorily supposed to pay some calculated part of their income as the taxes to the government, withstanding which they won’t be allowed to even stand on the soil of the United States. This taxing system in the country is considered as robbing the citizens of their hard-earned labor. Actually, this taxing system keeps the economy of the state in a good, well-defined order. All the residents of the country ought to contribute to this benefit of the state to stay safe legally also. Anybody trying to escape this law of the state is not left without the punishment, by law. Everybody, from Bill Gates to the commoners there, need to pay these taxes to stay safely out of the prison, for any theft of these sorts, won’t be accounted for, by the state government, and everybody, goes through these taxations to survive in the United States. Taxes are the main legal bound that people consider before even planning to go to that nation, since it is one of the main robbers of the legitimate income of all the residents.

Government has always been opposed by the locals for taxing them 35% of their earnings in the whole year. It was even said that these kind of taxes rob the general public of all their savings throughout the year, and citizens believe these taxes are responsible for their distress. But, in actuality, they are the only way in which we pay our mother land of all the opportunities it provides to all the individual residents. When a person is earning well, they should not have any problems contributing this share that the states demand, for maintenance and other purposes. But, the main problems occur when even the weaker sections of the society are taxed in this way and are supposed to be true to the State, by paying their tax, in full. They feel cheated, as they who are not corporate professionals will have to pay the same percentage of their incomes. But, in actuality, it is in favor of the states, and is supported by all business houses and corporates, as well. Even Bill Gates, the highest income earner justifies this tax put on the corporates by the local governments, and never tries to show even the slightest discomfort doing so. This step encourages all of the residents to be paying all their due taxes well, to keep up the name of the state.

It is only because of this fixed percentage of income of all the residents going to taxes that the state can keep the entire infrastructure updated always and the economy running well, for the benefit of all. It’s a cycle process, the economy running well encourages the residents to go for good jobs, for which they have to part with a percentage of the income that they earn, to keep earning well. Hence, they are all supposed to pay their taxes in due time always.