Bill Gates Sister

Bill Gates was originally born in an upper middle class family where he started showing interest in computers and computer programming from a very young age only. From the times when he went to school, he developed such an interest in computer programming and applications that finally led him to set up a business which grew up as the largest provider of computer software in the whole world. The brand and company of Microsoft was thus founded, and distributed well throughout the world leading to the brand’s success, when finally it ended up as the sole provider of the new operating system. Most of the computers in the world run on the operating system of Microsoft, which has well established the name of this company.

Bill Gates has two sisters, Kristianne who is elder to him and Libby, who is the younger one. There were these three children in the Gates family who have now grown up well. Bill Gates had a very close relationship with both father and mother, William H. Gates Sr. and Mary Gates. Both the parents encouraged all their children to develop a competitive, fighting spirit in themselves, to sustain their lives and establish a good name for themselves. This led to creation of efficient individuals, each of them sustaining and enriching their own selves and others in the family with their own learning, finally leading to the developed, healthy wealthy family of the Gates. It was his school as a junior, where he laid the foundations of his business, which he must not have imagined will grow this big, as it has grown now. Paul Allen, his friend from the junior school times, grew up to be his business partner in the software business of Microsoft. The name Microsoft was decided as the short of Microprocessor and Software. Microsoft was then developed and flourished further as the best software operating system. This operating system is still known to be the best in the whole wide world. Most of the computers in schools and offices are pre-loaded with the Microsoft operating system.

The operating system of Microsoft has well-endowed the tests of time, from the time it was developed, and provides services for betterment of schools and offices. The software designed and developed by this well-known company has always been highly-ranked and still in use as the best of all other brands available in the markets. The software is taught to students from a very young age onwards, where they first see the computer and are enthusiastic to work with it to develop new things and something better.

The names of the two sisters of Bill Gates are Libby Gates Armintrout and Kristianne Blake. Both the sisters are married and settled well in their lives. The elder sister lives in Seattle with the family, and younger sister is in Spokane with her own family.