Bill Gates Living Room

Maximum people would assume that the richest man in the sphere, Bill Gates, would live in a family that creates P Diddy’s house appearance like a cardboard box in Harlem. I can’t fairly confirm the speculation, but I can authorize that Bill Gate’s has one hell of a pad (as you can see from the mystery snap above); it’s worth a few changes, too. There is one thing that is harmless to assume, the place is full of the brim with gadgets and additional useless sci-fi junk that is certain to make some Star Trek fan wet their pants.

So let’s take an aspect at what, where & how the richest man in the sphere lives…

To thrill things off, let me show you tease of inside Bill Gates House. Actually this is a famous snap of a room inside millionaires crib…I’m not completely sure how authentic this is, but actually it’s real (I very much hesitation it). Regardless, I don’t recognize about you, I think it looks swelling, but I’m not sure how secure I’d feel with sharks and whales floating around so carefully to home…what if the glass cracks?


Bill Gates’ house is a great earth-sheltered hall in the side of a hill overseeing Lake Washington in Medina, Washington. To gratify the crowd that sees Gatesy as a sensual object (I hear there is an enormous bucket load of you out there), Medina, WA 98039, is his precise address. If anyone plans on stalking millionaires, be careful, actually the place is protected by robots that are prepared with lazor guns.


The house was planned by a guy called James Cutler, the best-known designer of Northwest Style, seemingly. “Pacific lodge” is the selected style for the residence. What does that mean precisely? Well, it’s just made from enormous wooden panels to give it a “cabin lodge” effect from what I can brand out. Can anyone clarify further?

There has been lot of rumor that the house was intended on a Macintosh. I’m deducing only computer geeks will “speculate” about which kind of computer the Microsoft Mogal used to design it. Usual people wouldn’t give a damn. I’m sure if you search on Google for extended enough; you’ll find somebody called Howard who has thrashed up an article in his parents’ basement, on how Bill Gates backs appointed his own company by using a Mac to project his house.

Pictures of the Gates’ multifaceted are both private & copyrighted- what a shame. There are a lot of images available, but they’re mainly of the building outside and the grounds. Moreover, information about the house is quite limited.

Lastly, one of the most inspiring features of the mansion is its reception hall, which is built frequently below ground, under the land’s hillside. The hall can put up 200 guests for cocktail parties, and comprises an entire wall made of high-definition video displays. A full restaurant-grade kitchen sits just off the hall to make food and drink during parties. The banquet hall itself is extra than 2,300 square feet.