Bill Gates Innovation

Bill Gates has always been a well-known person as the creator of the largest software organization in the world. His founded company Microsoft derives its name from the two short forms of microprocessor, which is the basic building block of such automated systems, and software, which was the basic reason of creation of this company. It was predicted at the times of creation of this company that soon one day, we’ll have all computer systems of the world run on the software developed by the company. In this modern day and age, we can actually see those words coming to actual truth, when we can see computers all over the world, in schools, colleges, and all the offices, whether big or small. All the offices need computer systems and people engaged in processing tasks on it, for the benefit of the organization only. This has led to tremendous growth in the requirement of software professionals all over the world.

The number of computers running on the Microsoft operating system in this whole wide world has grown leaps and bounds to this level, where we can see everybody, from a small child to a young student and further a professional to be depending on these hardware software systems for their work in the offices and varied kinds of organizations. Thus, software studies empower the youth in this way and they can reach their own goals and motto, without compromising on the motto of their company or organization. Microsoft has thus, gained huge rewards for those that created this business, and for those that still are using the software of the company in their own companies, for sale and purchase tasks. Truly, the writing editing sheet making tasks immensely required in any organization are taken care of, by all the software provided by the company. The Microsoft operating system and software’s of Word, Excel, Powerpoint are well known and utilized by all office and school-goers, for the benefit of their own organizations.

The Microsoft Windows operating system forms the basis of and is present today in more than half of the world’s computer systems. Software has become such a widespread concept in the last few years, and especially after the creation of this useful organization that it has become a wide spread name in this times. If the growth of the industries manufacturing and dealing with cars had been at such a widespread rate, today we would have easily got cars such as BMW, Audi at such low and unimaginable pricings. The company of Microsoft owes to its contributions bringing software in the minds and lives of every common man such that almost each of the computer systems in use today has the operating systems of Microsoft only. It has become a common name and a common occurrence in these advanced times, when we have computers all over the world, accessible to everybody easily. The creation of such a wide-spreaded operating system also puts the environmental burdens on the countries of the world and all the countries are further advised to grow green and save the environment.