Bill Gates House:

The richest man in the whole world owns a huge mansion, keeping up his standards as the owner of the largest software firm in the whole world, in the form of Microsoft. This mansion, over-looking the entire Washington area, costed around $123 billion, in completing to a wholesome house that it is, right now. It took a really long time of approximately 7 years for this richest man in the whole world to complete the construction of this masterpiece, for the entire family. This co-founder of Microsoft purchased the whole property for just $2 million worth in 1988, when he planned his family to fruition. This house uses its natural light and heat offered by the sun, whenever it is present, to reduce the carbon foot-print of all the residents. This is the way they stay closely connected to the natural surroundings and try reducing the burden on the mother earth. Setting up air-conditioners and purifiers is an essential part of making all the normal rooms habitable these days, but Bill Gates contributes to this global cause of reducing global-warming by ensuring that he and none of his family members depend entirely on these artificial climate-controllers.

It is because of the intelligence of the rich man that he and his family are able to continue as being rich each year-after-year, because they consider the environment and its role in upbringing us all. Bill Gates is thankful and always so considerate for his motherland of United States also for its role and contribution in his riches. Thus, he never gets away from paying his taxes of all forms at or before the due dates. He considers the taxation system essential in the progress of all the citizens, and is never away from the swift payment of all these. He considers it an essential responsibility for all the citizens to pay some part of their earnings to this beautiful and updated state. According to him, it is the only reason that all the residents are able to co-exist safely with all the protection systems available. If we are not paying the taxes properly, how will this tremendous growth of the whole nation be ensured and no progress will be visible.

The Bill Gates residence also boasts of changing the entire room décor and changing the entire artwork of a room by the simple click of a button. Just as in a desktop we change the entire settings and wallpaper by simply choosing from a list of available pre-programmed settings, we can change the settings of all the walls of all the rooms. This makes the entire mansion aa full 21st century construct where the rooms and the décor are also pre-programmed and fed into the entire house. Slowly, we will see the sprouting of such homes all over the world where the occupants will be able to control and change the settings as per their wish. This will put the computers and software to good use and even the general residents will be aware of this useful programming technique, which will be very useful and engaging for all of them.