Bill Gates Home-town

The richest man in the world, Bill Gates, the co-founder of the largest software company in the world of Microsoft, is known to be born in 1955 to a Seattle based family. The entrepreneur family laid to rock-solid foundations of their young child and his fast-friend of school times is known to be his business partner also. Together, they have brought the business to fruition, where, as published and talked about by the software gurus, almost all the desktops and other computer systems evolved, have the operating system and are managed by this large company of Microsoft. Being born in a rich family, Gates developed the skills of being self-reliant and disciplined, slowly from his school times onwards. Having two sisters, one younger than himself and the other elder to him, he learnt the skill of managing his own self along with the family, including his parents and both the sisters, on the go. His home-town of Seattle is known to support almost all of the working professionals who are employed in Microsoft, even now. The large home-town supports this entire huge Microsoft family, till date. This large area is known to be the best to live and to be employed, as of now.

The beautiful landscape and the honorable families there, are hardly in the shackles of the local police or the goons there. Due to the high disciplinarian nature of the people, almost all the families are known to pay their due taxes on time, to the state. They even justify the reasons the state charges these. All the people, whether earning or managing somehow else, they are supposed to pay this fixed amount to the state, for their own betterment and welfare. The tax paid by all is largely responsible for the welfare of all the people, as well as their motherland. Those who are found guilty of not paying this tax and returning these dues of their state, are highly punished by the police there. They are even made to suffer some fixed jail-terms. All such people are constantly under the eyes of the law and the police and fined, for their large dues to the state resulting in the large-scale development of the infrastructure of the state and such nicely managed public systems. The states is thus considered safe for all and is opted by all students to study further, in their well-known high-ranking institutes. The taxes, if paid in full are known to be hugely responsible for growth of the States. This growth includes every type of growth, including economic and business. It is highly recognized to be a commission for the welfare of all, in turn.

The Gates’ home-town of Seattle is recognized to be flourishing well by the coming days because of due payment of all the taxes by the locals. Almost all of the residents are known to pay their legitimate taxes to the state, without any fuss, leading to fast development of their city and the whole States, in turn. Largely responsible for growth and development world-wide, it is one of the basic duties of all citizens.