Bill Gates Favorite Food

You might know that Bill Gates is a computer mastermind, but did you discern that he likes doing the dishes? How about the fact that he measured a career in law? The creator of Microsoft presented this week’s “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit Monday, and it was definitely an eye-opener. 

Rich persons are not a same group with equal tastes. They have whole kinds of preferences across the cooking spectrum.

Bill Gates, though, is recognized to favor properly plain, down to earth meals. Once not attending a function, Buffet favors classic typical American items and in his words, "eats same as a 6 year-old." He drinks at minimum 5 cans of Coca Cola a day, has a cheeseburger and chips for dinner at the local (Omaha, Nebraska) dinner most nights, and is recognized for adding ample amounts of salt to his meals. He snacks on Cheetos & potato sticks, and sometimes has a bowl of ice cream for breakfast. His idea of a fancy meal is mainly a steak.

Less is famous about Bill Gates' dietary first choice. Whereas he looks pretty open to be attempting new things -- having been spotted at several kinds of restaurants -- he, too, has a love for burgers. Back to point when Bill Gates was still running Microsoft, he took a holiday at ultra-luxe resorts, which show off a personal, fully-staffed gourmet kitchen on call for 24 hours, prepared to cook just about whatever you might need, from any cooking possible. Gates, the chief stated, ate nothing but fries & burgers the whole week.

Like most persons, I don’t think I can be simply tricked. But that’s just what occurred when I was inquiring to taste a chicken taco and tell whether the meat inside was actual or fake.

The meat definitely had the look and the smell of chicken. I took a bit and it had the taste and quality of real chicken, also. But I was shocked to learn that there wasn’t an ounce of real chicken in it. The “meat” was made completely of plants. And yet, I couldn’t tell the difference. What I was going through was more than a knowing meat alternative. It was a taste of the upcoming of food.

By 2050, the globe’s population will increase to above nine billion and our hunger for meat will grow along with it. The demand for meat will have over double among 2000 & 2050.


Sorry, Burger King and McD's, you're not most in Bill Gates' burger book. Whereas he says the 2 fast food giants make "fine" burgers, Bill Gates heads to In-N-Out for "a very nice burger."


Last year, Bill Gates was allocated to be a Reddit user's Secret Santa in the site's yearly gift exchange. A girl by the call of Rachel later says sorry when she found out she had inquired Microsoft's co-inventor for an Apple iPad.