Bill Gates Divorce:

Bill Gates has made a big name for himself as the most renowned President of The United States Of America. The dazzling news after his presidency period of his divorce with wife Hillary Clinton raised more eyebrows in the entire nation than any other thing. The respectable family of the President was never imagined to make a public show of that which happens at home in this way. The family ended up washing their dirty linen in public by doing all this. The dis-agreements and fights that take place in every home was never expected to reach these extremes and land the family in the courts. The family’s case was one of the most expensive cases to be sorted, in the legal history. Melinda Gates, the ex-wife of the president is rumored to be richer than the president after the divorce.

Bill Gates is rumored to be dating other influential ladies in the mean time and also thinking of marriage again, soon in the time to come. It has still not been established, whether all these things that are being heard are true or not. All these things happening actually, couldn’t have been even imagined during his presidential tenure, which passed on rather smoothly. Nobody could ever have imagined that the bitterness and hatred between both of them swelled to such extremes, finally leading them to the separation of the life. The divorce came about as a shock for both the separating parties, who never expected the intolerance to reach such high levels, leading to problems for both the families. Unable to cope-up with the stresses of modern-life and finding out away for themselves, both of them have agreed upon in court to live a divorced life, separate from each other, where not even once have they cared, or bothered the other party for any decision that they need to make.

Leading separate lives may be a difficult choice for both of them to begin with. Both of them gradually adjusted to this phenomenon and are very happy as separate identities, as of now. Bill Gates was earlier even rumored to have found a new girlfriend and spending his free time with her, which might even bug the presidential lady. Presently, both of them enjoy their individual lives as separate people, and pursue their own goals of life. This has led to relaxation of the tensions crawling up between both the individual parties, which might end up as a burden for them both. Both of them have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth, which makes them both capable enough, financially, to lead an individual life, fulfilling their dreams and satisfying themselves. Other than all this, the lady in the relationship, Mellinda Gates, has been heard of qualifying to contest the next presidential elections of the United States. The loss to the familial side, in this way, has been rewarding for her. She gained enough on the financial front, as the maintenance fee to the lady. Mellinda Gates is now all set to emerge as victorious in the next round of US President’s elections.