Bill Gates Daughters

Bill Gates married the love of his life, Melinda soon after college and they had their daughter in 1996. She was named Jennifer. Jennifer Katharine Gates, the daughter of CEO of Microsoft and his lady has a very high net worth of millions of dollars. This high net-worth can easily be imagined to sprout up from the high net-worth of the company and the high usability and applications of all its products in almost every walk of life. In schools, we first of all start learning computers and are acquainted with the machine using the company’s software’s of Paint and Word. The simplicity and ease of use of these software’s comes about as a great relief for all the kids wishing to play with computers. Slowly, they automatically learn the basics of the device and handling and managing it, to further grow as software professionals, if they wish to, when they grow up.

The high net-worth of the daughter can easily be calculated from the worth of the company itself. Huge gains are automatically brought about to the company from its huge business, time and again. Her high net-worth allows her to enjoy one of her favorite hobbies, of horseback riding, without any sort of restrictions. This kind of hobby has always been pursued by only those who can afford large villas with some horses, giving them a huge ground space to ride about. Her father, Bill Gates, can of course easily employ the trainers and horses to be trained, along with the land where they can easily ride in. The hobby provides huge source of entertainment for all those ready for this adventure, and also ready to afford this highly paid hobby for their kids and any of those who wish to learn it. Bill Gates can easily be assumed to afford this dream hobby easily and already known to own the interests of this highly valued girl of a billionaire. The income generated to her name per day might be in millions or more than that amount, which cannot even be imagined by kids, normally. It is only because of this high need worth, that the parents of this girl are ready to support her hobbies which she pursues to relish in her part time, away from the school work allotted.

Only children of such high earning parents can be imagined to make these dream time hobbies of the general kids. The parents otherwise cannot be imagined to take up huge villas with a large balcony and grass covered lawns so that the girl can enjoy her hobby of riding the horse backs for the girl to develop these skills. The skill learnt will also help the girl take control of her daily activities and the associated tasks to enjoy her time in plenty. The girl gains the controlling attitude automatically by being involved in this play. Controlling a horse and riding on the horse-back is not a simple task and cannot be learnt by all the kids easily. Thus, this hobby of the young girl might inspire her to pursue higher passions in life, always.