Bill Gates Body-guards

Such a wealthy business personality like Bill Gates cannot even be expected to roam around freely in the markets and throughout the towns, for the sake of all his money and worth. For security and safety reasons, Bill Gates employs his bodyguards to take care of the situations and protect himself. The richest man of the whole world at-least deserves this favor in the form of his own protection and safety. The money making CEO of Microsoft has lived his life rather pleasantly, without any regrets and is now the richest man of this whole world by this single software company of Microsoft. Almost all the computers in use today contain the operating system of Microsoft only. This operating system has been known to be the most easy to grasp by the small kids, even, let alone the bigger ones going to big universities and their researchers. The basic computations and assortments provided along with the software enable it to be used easily for the home and office environments.

This ease of usability of the product has led to its wide popularity world over, proving the thesis of the big-gurus of that time to be true. They earlier only approximated the company to be very famous throughout the world and it was guessed that the operating system of the company will span the entire world, and in every computer system. This widespread growth and popularity was never on the negative side, for the organization. Thus, nothing negative has ever been found doing rounds for this hard-working CEO of Microsoft, who last year contributed $28 billion to charity alone. The highly priced company and all the worthy holdings by this CEO have to be under constant surveillance, to maintain the security of all his holdings. Nothing, being in the possession of this richest CEO of the world, should escape the security cover, for all the right reasons.

Ted Allen is known to be a well-known bodyguard to the richest CEO of the world. Flying by his personal jets and being very close to the entire family of this richest person of the entire world, Ted Allen has a very nice relation with all the family members also, ensuring their safety and well-being always. Following the family closely on all their outings has never been a tiring business for this man of morals, who keeps himself limited to his job of protection of this entire worthy family. Any kidnappers or men of wrong intensions might be after this richest man at all the times, or his high-valued daughter. So, they have to be very careful and prepared always, to deal with such nabbers. The protection of this highly-priced family is also a huge responsibility, according to Allen, who takes all care that none of the members of this family are alone when they move out of their house, and takes out time for this entire responsibility. The entire business of this protection of the family can be daunting and challenging, in its own way. Thus, this special person who is nicely trained in all ways to deal with the nuisance makers is entrusted with the responsibility of protection of whole family and business.