Bill Gates Affair

Only a few of his associates and close family people know about the affair that Bill Gates had prior to his marriage with college beau Melinda. Bill Gates was born in an upper rich-class family where they could easily afford things for their kids. The parents had only 3 kids, including Bill gates. Thus, Bill Gates had 2 siblings, both of them girls. In a way, Bill Gates, the richest man in the whole world-wide has been blesses with a rich family and many hands to take care of all the nuances of the family. Having sisters, of course, is more blessed than having brothers, because the sisters take care and also help in the family tasks, much better than brother’s in the family. Thus, Bill Gates had a very much comfortable and care-free childhood where all his dreams and aspirations were lividly taken care of.

It is known to only a few of his close associates and friends about his love affair with Samuel Hansen. Even his wife, Melinda Gates could not find about this love affair of Bill Gates. The world knows him as the richest man in the whole world, thus, even says that the rich man can also buy love interests, but, it also depends on his own personality and contributions that the affair can actually happen. There won’t be an affair in the first place if he is not ready to invest his time and show interest also. Thus, love cannot be bought like a commodity. You cannot exchange it for money, ever. But being born to rich parents, this idea somehow developed in his mind and flowered in the form of this affair about which he does not even have the strength and capacity to reveal or discuss with anybody. There can be these stupid little things that even the wealthy are not comfortable to discuss.

This affair is one of those things in life of Bill Gates which he abstains from discussing at any point of time. It has also not been revealed to the love of his life, his wife, even as of now. Therefore, nothing about the existence of this affair has been confirmed, yet. But it is believed to be true, keeping the saying that the high class boys have uncountable affairs, in mind. It has long been forgotten by now, and not even discussed or touched upon after the marriage and considerable expansion of his high-value business. Such a thing does not even touch the minds of the common people who consider it as a game of the rich. Knowing about this love affair doing the rounds of general businesses and even houses and offices, gives a really bad feeling for all those involved in the affair. After his marriage and settlement of the family and businesses owned by the great CEO of Microsoft, such things don’t sound and look nice to be heard and published in papers and magazines worldwide. But still, it has been a part of the life of this great business owner and will be read and published forever in history.