Bill Gates 1980

Bill Gates, the renowned software professional is the developer of the largest software company in the world. This largest company of Microsoft is named by taking halves from microprocessor and software. The company is well established and have a brand name now, when almost all of the computer systems of the whole world contain this basic software, and run on it. The software is well known for providing the best of the office-wares which can be best used in offices and also in schools to teach students the basics of using computers. The foundation of learning computers starts with learning of this basic software only, for all the students. Once they are well-versed with the basics of usage of the software’s provided in the Microsoft Office can they think of utilization and usability of the other branded software’s.

The software company of Microsoft was launched in 1975 only by both the good friends, Bill Gates and his best friend from times of school. The first developed operating system by them is not Microsoft office as is believed all over. But the first developed system was the precursor of Unix, in the form of Xenix. The Unix Operating System was launched much later and became a well-known name in this industry then. The software’s launched by Microsoft, which were used to manage the office files and all other formal stuff in every office, never took a back seat and were always in use for other reasons. They are thus, very well known in the software industry. The software thus provided is usually provided built-in by the hardware manufacturers, who design and build the computers. The computer systems of this present age look and feel incomplete without the basic software of Microsoft installed in them. The software’s hence provided are of very much use in almost all offices in all the industries. The usage of this software cannot be considered lesser than any basic thing we require, for offices and businesses to prosper and grow.

The software company of Microsoft was established in 1975. The period of 1980s was a very tough and crucial phase for the organization, where they had to set up the name of their newly-launched business as well as work on the development of their earlier-launched operating system which did not make much name for the Microsoft platform. The operating system being discussed here was a pre-cursor to the Unix Operating System, which is considered as the basic of all modern-day computing. Slowly and steadily, the Unix operating system was developed. As this operating system made a huge name for itself, the name of the company started making a further name for itself as the company developed hardware also. As it is, all the computers launched and coming at this time in the industry had the Microsoft operating system in them pre-installed. Soon, there were pirated versions of this software available easily in the markets. The real software, at those times, was then available for some fixed price, and was purchased by those interested in real computing.