Bill Gates 1975

Born on October 28, 1955, in a higher middle class family, Bill Gates had two sisters as siblings. He had no brother and was very much conversant and open about things with the parents who supported them well and always encouraged them to stay competitive in whatever field they decide and perform the best in their own lives. Bill Gates was highly interested in software from the times he was in school. He was in Lake Riverside School. He and his best friend in school, Paul Allen, grew up to create the best software company in the world, which they named Microsoft. Both of them grew up as best friends, later finding this company in 1975.The company was named Microsoft as the short names of Microprocessor and Software. This software company has eventually grown to be the best in the world and made its name for its usability in offices and schools all over the world.

This parent company was born and setup in 1975 and is today famous as the most reliable brand in software. This software forms the ABC of computers for all the young students. The software forms the basic stepping stones to further learning in the software field for every student in the world. This software forms the basis of software development fundamentals for all the budding students to learn software. The budding kids have to acquaint themselves with the Microsoft Operating Systems first of all.

Only after they are thoroughly acquainted with this operating system will they learn to follow the rules of programming in other languages and other operating systems. The knowledge of this operating system is sufficient in itself, for a person, whether a student or a professional, to leave a mark in their own fields. The knowledge to well understand computers is basically provided when we learn to use the software’s of Word, Excel and these software’s help a lot to handle our offices and even our home-work at school or any institute where we work, as this software is recognized world over. Due to its popularity and ease of its use, we can find even very small children playing with laptops and desktops from a very young age only. These kids then grow on to become computer geeks, playing with computers all their lives, from laptops to desktops and now, the recently introduced palmtops and iPods. This vast range of computers available to them from a very young age can affect their health and the fundamental body systems, for good or for bad, but it makes them very well- versed with typing from a very young age, to further grow into programmers as they go on. This is very much satisfying for their families and also for themselves as the profession earns them huge amounts in monetary terms.

The profession of software has its basic roots and buds in the Microsoft Operating System. With this, the people learnt basic typing and other simple works that are done in offices. The MS-Office systems are the basics from which every software professional starts his/her practice.