Best performing mutual funds for the last 10 years

For a mutual fund to be among the best performing mutual fund for the last 10 years it has to have a low risk and a high rate of return. The expense ratio should also be at minimal and the fund has to increase its NAV by a certain degree. Investing in this funds it usually considered appropriate especially for new investors who lack prior knowledge of how mutual funds. The following include some of these funds.

AMG Manager emerging opportunities institutional funds

This fund was launched on 1997 and has accumulated over 180 million worthy of assets. When this fund was being launched, its main aim was to long-term capital appreciation. Through this goal, it invest about 80% of its assets and borrowed capital. Most of the borrowed capital is from undervalued micro-cap stocks. In this fund industrial, technology and health care sector usually account for 40% of the fund portfolio. Some of the leading groups include Kona Grill , Universal Electronic , the Greenbrier companies among other. This fund has recorded an annual portfolio turnover ratio of about 98%. This is higher than the average for small-cap growth fund, which is usually at 80%. The expense ratio for this fund is about 1.17%. This is below the category average, which is at 1.41%.

Guggenheim Styleplus Large core fund

This fund was launched in 1962 with the main goal of maximum capital appreciation. These funds usually invest a minimum of $200 million in assets in some of the leading stocks including the likes of convertible security, American Depositary Receipt, swap agreement and derivative investment. The main aim of the fund manager is to establish a blend between value and growth of stocks while selecting equity funds. This fund mainly aims to invest in companies that have minimum market capitalization of less than $5 billion. Dividend and capital gain are usually distributed on an annual basis. The expense ratio for this fund is about 1.45% which is more that the average for a large ap which is at about 1, 05%. This fund usually offers a dividend yield of approximately 0.8%.

Janus Global select fund class R shares

George Maris who is a chartered financial analyst launched this fund in 2005, the main aim of this fund was invest in capital growth by investing approximately 60% domestic and foreign issued stocks, which had been identified by the fund manager. The remaining 40% would be invested in companies stocks in other countries expect US. This fund usually invests a diverse scale of companies including large , mid and small cap companies. It also invests in debt securities. Some of the other regions where there is significant investment of this fund include UK, Germany and China among others. The expense ratio for this fund is 1.44, which is below the average for this category. This fund has a dividend yield of 0.07% and a ten year percentage increase in value of 680%.