Best mutual funds to invest in

There are basically different types of mutual funds. Whichever mutual funds one is willing to invest in, it is very appropriate to consider top performing mutual funds in different categories. They include the following.

Rydex Consumer Leisure ( RYLIX)

Considering the unemployment rates and the fall in the energy prices, consumers are expected to have more money in their pockets in 2015. The wealth effect which is usually responsible for making them feel that they have sufficient money to spend will add more fire to the consumer cyclical stocks. RYLIX is a standout in the consumer discretion category. It has maintained a steady performance for more than 10 years. Its portfolio is rich with leisure companies which include Starbucks Corp and Walt Disney.

Dodge and Cox International Stock

This a fund which will give you a foreign exposure for your set portfolio. This fund offers an incredible combination of well-managed funds, which are available at a low cost. Because of the declining in oil prices, China’s economy slowing down and emerging markets getting weaker it is only appropriate to invest in a fund, which focuses on the western regions of the world. This fund has top holding in western countries including Sanofi Sa, Novartis AG among other. This fund was one of the outstanding performers in December 2014 and had only a 2.7 decline, which is far better than the average for that category which was 7.4. Dodge has managed to beat approximately 90% of other competitors up to a 10-year period. The managers are still the ones who formed the fund that manages its operations on a daily basis.

Vanguard 500 Index

This is a low-cost standard passively managed large-cap fund. This year has favored active stocks. The dividend next year is expected to be between growth and value style. This fund is appropriate for best large-cap core holding for a solid invdex fund or an actively managed fund. This fund has a cheap expense ratio, which makes it suitable for investors.

Fidelity Strategic Dividend and income

Approximately half of the fund assets are invested in dividend paying stocks, the remaining has been invested in convertible securities, real estate investment and preferred stocks. The expense ratio for this fund is about 0.74 while that for this category is 0.85. This fund is currently yielding a 2.69%.

Loomis Sayles Retail Bond ( LSBRX)

This is a multi-sector fund, which has their share of the market risk, but they appropriately manage them. This fund is a good bet during uncertain periods. This fund has a logical move of the risk averse by going high credit quality. Investors of this fund have earned high returns form this fund due to its exposure in the high-yield bonds.