Best large cap mutual funds

Identifying the best mutual funds can he a hard affair since the number of these funds is high and characterized by similar character and even some have close rate or return, the expense ratio among other characters which are used to differentiate different funds. It is very important that when such an analysis is being done, it should look at year-to-year returns since a single year can have superior results than upcoming years. It is also important to factor in the concept of risk vs. return. The concept of how manager behave in different times is also another important factor to include when determining the best large cap mutual funds.

The following include some of the best large cap mutual funds

Dodge and Cox Stock

This fund is highly vulnerable and this affects its overall performance. During the 2008 period it trained by 91% to its rival in the large value category. It experienced a significant loss but it finally rebound during the 2009 period and earned a 31.3% return. This was about 86% higher return rates. The fund manager for this fund has been managing the fund for approximately 15 years. This fund currently maintains a 12.9% rate of return. It also has two percent point better than its close competitor Vanguard 500 index.

Fidelity contrafund

This fund delivers an annualized return of about 13% and maintains an average of 3.4-percentage point better than its close competitor Vanguard 500 index fund. This fund has suffered some rough years but has managed to come out of them. This fund is one of the largest stock funds and has about $ 94 billion worthy of assets. In the last two years, this fund has maintained a 23.0% rate of return.

Mairs and power growth

This fund has invested approximately two third of its fund’s in assets which are based in their home region. This has paid offer handsomely especially during 2013. This fund has out spaced its competitors in the last five years. This has enabled it to propel it’s ten-years annualized return of 9.3% and an average of 1.9 percent point ahead of Vanguard 500 index. This fund is often labeled as the largest fund based on the typical holding, which is an average market capitalization of $ 17 billion. The managers claim that they can invest in any companies. This include small and large companies. Over the last year, this fund has returned a 31.8% return rate

Vanguard Dividend Growth

This fund is focused on high quality companies, which are offering good growth prospect. The manager Donald Kiibride looks at the outfit, which has proven to increase dividend, which he thinks, will be a boost payout with at least 10% annual rate of return in the next five years. This fund has a return of 8.3% on an annual basis