Best emerging market mutual funds

Most markets have had a significant fall in their prices and this has resulted to many clients seeking a more stable market which offers a shield against any upcoming threats. There are specific groups of investments, which are emerging and considered as the best opportunity for long-term investors who have the main aim of making profits over long-term funds. The following include some of these funds

iShare China Large-Cap

These mutual fund is based on the FTSE china 25 index and it targets some of the most liquid shares within china. About half of its assets have been invested in liquid china share and the remaining is in telecommunication and energy. There have been previous emerging concerns regarding china market but the long-term target for the mutual funds in these countries is projected to be very favorable.

Maket Vector Russia

This mutual fund is based in Russia and at some period, it has a tendency of being very volatile. This is particularly influenced by the dependency on gas and oil exports. This fund has about 40% invested in energy stock while the remaining 15-20% has been invested in basic material .Russia is projected to be a major force in the future and this makes this fund one of the most favorable to invest in


This fund has a special preference to Brazil, India china and Russia. These countries were at one time considered the star of the world economy but this has somehow cooled. The main factors which lead to these countries being recognized is the same factors which will influence its overall success. Most investors have claimed that this fund over a long duration will be one of the most favorable funds to invest in.

PowerShare India Portfolio

India is a country, which is growing fast though it has faced a major setback. This economy is growing on a steady form and this makes investment into the most favorable mutual fund within this country one of the best options. About 24% of its holding has been invested in energy, 21% in technology and 14% in financial service. India is slowly becoming a world power and this will have a significant impact in how the mutual fund within this country will perform.

WisdonTree Emerging Market Equity

This fund has used a somehow different approach by heavily investing on dividend yield. This has resulted in about 4.2% yield, which is quite attractive. This fund has heavily invested in financial service, which is the largest sector of exposure. It has also invests in communication, energy and basic material.

Vanguard FTSE Emerging Market

This fund focuses in a descending order of size in south Africa, china, Taiwan and Brazil. This fund uses a high level of diversification. It has very large holding in china construction bank, which is about 1.6% of its assets.