Auto air conditioning repair

Auto air conditioning repair is done when your AC stops functioning properly whether through something you can see visibly or through the way it alters the temperature. The service companies for auto air conditioning repair use a customized machine (RTI RHS980) that has been specifically designed to test and diagnose any and all automotive AC problems.

In case of a leak they will install a special UV Dye visible by black light to detect leaks. Most service repair companies have the option of either booking an appointment for the most suitable time for you though if you just take your AC there and they will fix it.

The auto air conditioner is made up of five major parts and this include the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the drier or accumulator and the expansion valve. These components together with the compressor clutch, the pipes and refrigerant work together to keep you cool in your vehicle.

Refrigerant is the liquid that runs through all these parts to keep the ac running and the compressor is the center component that drives the refrigerant into all the other parts of the air conditioner. When you notice that your AC has broken down the first thing to do is to call a technician from a repair service company that is near you and that has a great reputation. The next thing is to tell the technician why you think that your AC is not working and tell him whether it has been slowing down or it just is not working. Then the technician will carry out a diagnosis and this involves a visual inspection of the AC, checking the pressure using a PSI and carrying out a performance check by testing the outlet temperature when he turns on the AC. The major problem that you would have to be worried about is leaks if they have been undiscovered for a while. They usually tend to mix with the moisture and become corrosive and start eating away at the compressor which is costly to replace. Otherwise if it is a minor leak it will be identified and fixed and the refrigerant will be filled up to the appropriate level. The repairs for leaks can be set based on the refrigerant bought to recharge the system because refrigerant is only sold in one standard amount. The other repairs may be done by fixing holes and replacing the most damaged components. These components are sometimes expensive to replace. Many parts of the AC are replaceable and this includes the compressor, condenser, evaporator, pipes, expansion valve and the drier or accumulator. Some service repair companies after fixing your AC offer warranty some even up to ninety days if the repair they did is still not working.

To prevent abrupt break down of your auto air conditioner you should get it serviced regularly especially before summer when you will need to keep cool as you travel or run errands. You should also take your AC for repair as soon as you notice changes in the performance and don’t wait for it to completely stop operating.