Auto AC Repair

Auto AC are situated almost everywhere and provide relief during hot conditions when you need to cool down or even in strong winter weather outside and you just want to get to the warmth of your home without having to fetch or buy firewood to keep yourself warm or it may be soaring hot outside and you get into your house hoping to get cool as you relax with an ice drink, you get inside and instead of an inviting cool breeze you still feel hot or even hotter than you were outside. It may be an office, a supermarket or any other building and you soon discover that the AC is not working. No one can deny the usefulness of ACs and how they make our environment conducive for working, learning or conducting business and even relaxing.

So it really is quite disheartening to learn that our ACs have broken down or are not functioning properly. So what do you do next? Luckily with the coming up of a greater number of service providers to fix ACs there is even quicker response from these service men and women. The first thing to do is to check the AC and the receipt and manual that came with the instructions and warranty. Verify if your warranty is still valid. If it is still valid call the number and give them your details and they will usually send a person to check the AC within two days. If the warranty has expired you can go online and check for the various service providers located near your area. Be sure to check their pricing and qualifications and pick the one you are most comfortable with. You may also choose to go with a freelance technician but be wary because most of them may charge above market rates and there will be no supervisor to check how effective the repair was and you may have to make plenty of return calls within a short period.

After the initial diagnosis which may be free or you may be charged for the technician will give you an estimate of fixing the auto AC. Some of the common problems that do occur with an auto AC are

  • Leaking of refrigerant or low levels of refrigerant which is a liquid that carries hot or cool air
  • Your AC may need to be recharged
  • The evaporator may be blocked by contaminants
  • Failed compressor
  • After receiving the charges you can get your auto AC fixed for the stated amount. The technician will also do a performance test once he is done to ensure that it is running properly and to make any other changes if it is not yet working well. The important thing to remember is that with a professional technical assistance they will encourage regular checks so that you can avoid high costs of a damaged auto AC later on or even an irreparable auto AC in which case they would recommend that you purchase a new auto AC.