Are Indians more brilliant than the westerns

First of all, we need to deal with the word ‘brilliant’. The oxford dictionary defines the word as ‘exceptionally clever or talented.’ In this context by the word ‘brilliant’ we are venturing into a wider spectrum. It refers to intelligence, ideas, talent, prospects, smartness, power and the willpower to progress. So, the question is, are the Indians more able than the westerners in this regard? Let us remind ourselves that in this topic, we are not dealing with one or two people, but the society in general.

The Indians, in present times, are far behind the westerners. This is a hard fact to digest, but is extremely true. The Indians are dwindling in the hands of the western countries in every field, be it commerce or education. More and more people are migrating to the western countries these days. This is because they lack a platform for progress in the county.

The problem with the country is that there are only a few people of whom the society is really proud of. If we consider the whole population, only a chunk of the people is really struggling for progress, to make it big. One does not simply produce a second APJ Abdul Kalam in India; may his soul rest in peace. India has lost its brilliance over the past so many years.

Talk about Aryabhatta! How many people in the world can match up to his intelligence? He introduced revolutionary theories in sciences and astronomy, things which are being used even now. The earliest Indian mathematician knew about gravity even before it dawned on Newton when the apple struck him. Talking about other aspects, young India still revels in the brilliance of Birbal for his folk tales on wit. And have you ever considered the will power and intelligence of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in single handedly fighting the British?

The country has had brilliant people all across the centuries. There is no doubt about that. But the current situation is a little appalling. The Indians are now resorting to foreign, especially western ideas for growth and improvement. Most of the pieces of technology used in this country are courtesy foreign ideas. It is rather difficult to put the Indians of the 21st century ahead of the westerners with regard to brilliance. The Indian economy is also highly dependent on the foreign countries, especially USA.

As an example, India imports oil for its own use. The fact of the matter is the country is full of a particular resource that can reduce its dependence on other nations. Hydrated methane can be the future of India, but it is highly under-exploited. Other Asian countries like Japan are only 4-5 years away from this revolutionary source of energy.

Another way to look at this topic is to consider the fact that in spite of some rather brilliant minds in the country, the lack of a platform for expression and growth is detrimental.