Android Applications are Taking their Rightful Place in Agriculture

Collection, evaluation and observation of data are the most important aspects of any development project. Business sectors relied on pen and paper to collect, evaluate and observe data in the past, but this method of collecting and studying data consumes a lot of time. There’s also a risk of committing errors. The advancement of communication and information technologies has changed things greatly. The agriculture sector is just one of those industries that have greatly benefited from the growth of technology.

Tablets, software support, smartphones and Android applications are now used to increase the productivity of farmers. These devices and applications help improve the accuracy of data collection, evaluation and observation. Here’s how the agriculture sector benefits from the usage of Android apps and mobile technologies.

Finding marketing links

Android applications help farmers find the distribution networks and market links within the vicinity of their farming area. Doing so helps farmers create a direct connection between them and the consumers, leading to efficient and successful distribution networks. This also helps them avoid the involvement of middlemen and thus, they can earn more profits.

Immediate access to data

Android apps give farmers immediate access to market data like the price changes for a certain produce. There are also apps that can help in disaster and risk management.

Easy tracking of assets

It’s possible to trace the areas where the machineries and tractors are operating with just a few clicks. There are apps that show the current fuel level of machineries, what produce is being harvested and how much area must be covered.

Collect real-time data

Android apps allow scientists and agronomists to gather real-time data, evaluate and monitor what they have gathered and authenticate the input. This not only helps them save time, but also boosts the accuracy of general production and yield in a certain farming area.

Farmers have to make decisions related to marketing their produce. Small decisions on delivery period, cash price and who the consumers are can affect their profit and loss. The average farmer has to consider various factors to create a full overview of the farm operation. Traditional costs for seed, fuel, land, fertilizer and irrigation also need to be factored in.

Android applications make this much easier. Good Android apps run in the background of the farmer’s daily life, but are always ready to be used. Aside from sending the latest news and commodities pricing

to the farmer, having both updated and outdated data allows the farmer to make smarter decisions on marketing their produce.

Agriculture is one of the industries that can greatly benefit from taking advantage of today’s technology. Android applications are always ready to help farmers gain access to market changes, weather information, newest technological discoveries and warning about harsh weather conditions and pests. It is safe to say that Android applications have earned a crucial part in the daily lives of farmers. They should not hesitate to maximize the potential of these tools.