Air conditioning unit prices

Air conditioning prices differ depending on brand and quality. The prices also vary depending on whether you want to buy a new unit or a second hand unit. Before the purchase of any air conditioner you should first measure the dimensions that you want to install the unit in. You should also get to know the different SEER range of the units available. The SEER determines the efficiency of the unit and how well it will be able to save the energy consumption of the home. The higher the SEER the more energy saving it will be. Then you should get a unit of a suitable size as a bigger AC unit will only raise your energy bills and so will a smaller unit as it will not be able to cool a space fast enough and it will have to be on for longer. Then check for a unit that guarantees a long warranty period. There are many types of air conditioners, the car air conditioner, the wall air conditioner, the central air conditioner, the portable system and the split system air conditioner. Most air conditioners have the following similar parts, the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the expansion valve and the drier or accumulator. These parts are interconnected using pipes and valves. Refrigerant is the fluid which is also highly volatile that transports heat from one component to another. The air conditioner basically starts working when you turn on the AC and the refrigerant goes to the compressor where it is compressed and absorbs heat and changes from liquid to gas. Then it goes to the condenser where it is cooled sometimes in some systems the condenser may be fitted with an electric fan. After being cooled and changing back to liquid the refrigerant moves to the evaporator where it is cooled further and then air is blown across it for it to become cool and this cool air is then blown into your environment. The refrigerant then absorbs the heat from the air blown and it reverts to a gas. The drier removes any impurities on the refrigerant using filters and desiccant to absorb any moisture. The expansion valve controls how cool the air you receive will be. Then the process takes place over and over until the room is cooled. Before acquiring a unit you should check how energy efficient it is using the SEER and for some of the appliances industries they offer free installation of your unit.

There are many companies that will also advice you on the best unit for your home and some will do the installation for free. You can also talk to a contractor to help you pick the most suitable installation type for you. Then when you notice that your AC has problems and the warranty is still valid you can call the company to do the repairs for free using a certified technician. The technician will first do an initial diagnosis before fixing any part.