Air conditioning service

Air conditioning service is important to carry out repairs and to clean the system and keep it in the best shape. There are many installation types such as the window air conditioner, the split systems, the mini split system and the largest type of installation which is the central air conditioner.

The window unit air conditioners also used as the wall air conditioner are more commonly installed in an open window. The air on the inside is cooled as a fan blows it over the evaporator. On the outside the warm air from the inside is expelled outside into the environment then a second fan blows air from the outside over the condenser. In places like hotels or motels there can be several units in each room.

The split-system air conditioners have two types of systems, mini-split and central systems. Both systems have the evaporator and condenser in different places.

The mini-split system can cool a number of rooms in the same building. It is quite advantageous because of its small size and its ability to cool more than one room.

The central air conditioning is commonly used for whole-house or large-commercial-space cooling, and can be used to cool multiple rooms. It is sometimes used with louvers.

A portable air conditioner already suggests that it is an air conditioner that can be transported easily over places. It can be used in homes or offices. It works both ways with and without a heater. It has an additional feature of dehumidifying air as it is cooled. As it cools the air the hot air it produces is released outside.

In addition to a portable air conditioner there is a portable split system which has an indoor unit on wheels connected to an outdoor unit via flexible pipes, similar to a permanently fixed installed unit.

After all the air conditioning service the repair technician may find:

Your AC may have refrigerant leaks and or no operation which indicates that the compressor needs to be replaced. The technician can inspect your car for leaks using special refrigerant detecting dyes because refrigerant evaporates on exposure to air and fix the leaks and then recommend replacement of the compressor if it is too badly damaged by the leaks

Damaged fins or tubes and poor air conditioning performance this usually indicates a worn out condenser that needs to be replaced by the technician

Poor air conditioner performance and moisture on glass or inability of defroster to remove moisture from glass and windows this is usually a sign of a worn out receiver or dryer which should either be fixed or replaced

Anytime the AC system is opened for repair, the accumulator will need to be replaced. Whenever a technician has determined moisture or debris has permanently damaged your accumulator’s performance. The accumulator will need to be replaced.

Replacements are usually quite costly especially those of the major components of an air conditioner.

Repair services costs are more manageable if you schedule for regular maintenance of your system.