Air conditioning replacement

Air conditioning replacement comes about as a result of the systems being broken down beyond repair. The AC parts could be major or minor and if the technician finds that replacing the parts will not restore the AC to its working condition he may advise that you buy a new AC. There are different types of air conditioners, the car air conditioner, the wall air conditioner, the central air conditioner, the portable system and the split system air conditioner. These air conditioners have the following similar parts, the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the expansion valve and the drier or accumulator. These parts are interconnected using pipes and valves. Refrigerant is the fluid which is also highly volatile that transports heat from one component to another. The air conditioner basically starts working when you turn on the AC and the refrigerant goes to the compressor where it is compressed and absorbs heat and changes from liquid to gas. Then it goes to the condenser where it is cooled sometimes in some systems the condenser may be fitted with an electric fan. After being cooled and changing back to liquid the refrigerant moves to the evaporator where it is cooled further and then air is blown across it for it to become cool and this cool air is then blown into your environment. The refrigerant then absorbs the heat from the air blown and it reverts to a gas. The drier removes any impurities on the refrigerant using filters and desiccant to absorb any moisture. The expansion valve controls how cool the air you receive will be. Then the process takes place over and over until the room is cooled. This is also referred to as the refrigeration cycle. Before acquiring a unit you should check how energy efficient it is and for some of the appliances industries they offer free installation of your unit.

The technicians mostly do AC replacement of: Seals, motors controlling the blowers, pipes, switches, compressors, evaporators, condensers, tubings and thermal expansion valves, driers. Basically any part that cannot be fixed will be replaceable.

The replacement of the major parts is usually more expensive. You can pay from $1000-4000 for comprehensive AC repair and can be more depending on the model. This extensive repair includes the replacement of many parts of the AC or all of them, the compressor, condenser, pipes, sensors, belts, pressure switch and valves and then recharging the refrigerant. For some old models they may have to be refitted with the new environmentally friendly refrigerant.

The replacement of the AC unit can start from around $3000 to a higher amount depending on the quality and brand you decide to get for your home, building or work area.

Any replacements should be done by a certified technician who will ensure that they are done correctly and he will be able to test the performance after the replacement of the various components. Some repair companies will offer warranty for all the replacement work they do so they can effectively fix your AC.