Air conditioner service

Air conditioner service refers to the regular checks that your AC gets in order to perform at optimum levels. These maintenance checks are done by a trained technician and usually serve in finding any underlying problem. Your AC is made up of five major components and these are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the drier or accumulator and the expansion valve. When the technician is doing servicing he will clean all these parts and change the filters in the accumulator. The accumulator has filters for the refrigerant to remove dirt and any other unwanted particles and it has desiccant to absorb any unwanted moisture. The technician will also check the pressure using PSI and high pressure could mean blockages where the system could be blocked or the valve could be jammed. While low pressure could be due to a faulty valve or a hole in the system. Holes in the system could be quite dangerous because it could mean that there is leakage of refrigerant that is undetected. Refrigerant is the liquid medium used to transport heat from one component to the other and it also has the ability to change state from liquid to gas when it absorbs heat and it changes back to liquid when cooled for example when it is cooled in the condenser using electric fans it loses its heat of vaporization and becomes a liquid.

Refrigerant leaks unlike oil spills which leave black stains are not so easy to see and this is because when refrigerant is exposed it evaporates. When servicing your AC the technician will use a special dye add it to the refrigerant and then it will fluorescence when exposed to a backlight. This way the technician can detect the leak and fix it. Then he will add more refrigerant to the air conditioner. Leaks are dangerous because when they come to contact with moisture they become corrosive and start to eat away at the compressor which is very expensive to replace.

If you have a window air conditioner with the condensing unit on the outside of the house, the technician will clear the coils and ensure it is not clogged. He will also advice you to keep checking on the condensing unit and keeping it clear and covered during harsh weather conditions. He will also check under the unit that no drainage has collected under it and he will clear any of it. He will also be able to get rid of any air leaks by fixing the pipes and ducts and sometimes replacing them as is necessary.

Some people do more maintenance checks than others. However you should at least have service done at least once a year for your AC. Servicing will help in saving you high energy bills because your system will be operating at its best.

Other than detecting any underlying problems with the major components of your AC the technician will check the levels of refrigerant to decide whether it needs to be recharged and he will check the switches to make sure they are working properly.

The technician will do a thorough check on all parts to ensure that there is no problem.