Air conditioner repair

Air conditioning is believed to have started in ancient Egypt using reeds near windows and splashing the plants with water. The water was to cool rooms when the wind blew. This basic process humidified air and made conditions in the desert more tolerable. In Rome they built ducts under the houses and within the walls to cool the houses. In the 19th Century the first air conditioner was built by Willis Carrier.

Air conditioning is also known as AC or aircon is the process of altering the condition of air to more pleasant and comfortable state. The machine responsible for air conditioning is known as an air conditioner. The air conditioner is responsible for making air cooler when the temperature around is so high. The air conditioner uses the same principle as a refrigerator uses the refrigeration cycle. Air conditioners have some common parts whichever type they are and these are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and the refrigerant. The AC works by the in the evaporator the refrigerant takes heat from the surrounding air changing its state from liquid to gas. Then the compressor compresses the gas releasing the heat to the condenser to be released and turning the gas refrigerant to liquid and this continues for many cycles until the conditions are cooler around.

When your AC breaks down or stops working or even when you notice a change in its performance you should call a technician to fix your air conditioner, you can get help from variety of service companies or other repair persons. They can do a diagnosis and make a quotation of how much the repair will cost. Some of the repair services include a performance test.

The performance test will include a visual inspection of the air conditioner parts to see whether any of them could be damaged. Next the technician will check the pressure readings using PSI and then a performance test where he will turn on the AC and gauge its performance by checking the outlet temperature and afterwards he will do a leak test. All these tests require someone skilled and certified especially when handling refrigerant. This is a law that has been passed by the EPA. During the test for leaks the technician will use a special dye and it will be added to the refrigerant and using a special machine that runs on the outside of the AC with a backlight he will be able to detect where the leaks are and fix them before recharging the system with the manufacturers specification for refrigerant.

The technician will also be able to do a retrofit of the new type of refrigerant by evacuating, cleaning and changing the system for a new refrigerant. The new refrigerant was found to be environmentally friendly and did not cause the depletion of the ozone layer as the older refrigerant did.

Air conditioner repair has been made easier with the rise of repair companies that service and repair companies these companies offer regular maintenance, repair services and replacement of parts that are quite damaged beyond repair.