Air conditioner repair service

Air conditioner is an essential part of our modern living. Whether in the office, at home or out for a meal, it is an undeniable asset to our comfort. However, air conditioners can break down at any time leading you to be either too hot or cold. This could be tolerable during spring and autumn but this breakdown could be devastating during winter and summer.AC system consists of five major parts, all working together to keep you comfortable wherever you are.

There are many different types of AC and they all have all or most of the following five components:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Receiver dryer
  • Expansion valve
  • Evaporator
  • There are many options for getting repair service for your AC; there are repair service companies and freelance technicians available who can repair ACs and additionally dealerships especially of cars. However, you should always confirm the qualifications of the technician who will be in charge of your repairs and ascertain that he is certified.

    The parts of the AC that connect the major components of an AC are quite crucial when doing AC repair service. These include the pipes, powercords, filters, thermostats and drain ports that are important in transporting the refrigerant through the system.

    For any repairs and servicing of your AC you should schedule it in the mild seasons such as autumn and spring so you can prevent major breakdowns in winter and summer. Apart from repairs you can also get servicing done on your AC to keep it in the best condition possible and it will be easier to detect any underlying problems.

    Before any repair can be done the technician will do an initial diagnosis of your AC system. This diagnosis is a visual check up, checking pressure gauges and an overall performance analysis of your AC. The technician will then be able to tell what repairs need to be made on your AC and will later on present a quotation.

    Some of the common air conditioner repair problems are leakages, low refrigerant, worn out components caused by corrosive acids from leakage of refrigerant or even replacement of the entire AC.

    Leakage of refrigerant is not easy to detect because it evaporates upon leaking and you can then not identify where the leak is coming from. Leaking of refrigerant is a serious problem because once the refrigerant comes into contact with moisture it becomes acidic and can start eating away at the compressor which at that point can no longer be fixed and can only be replaced. The leak when detected early using special dyes can be fixed and prevent further expenses.

    Low refrigerant can be topped up by a professional according to the manufacturers set guidelines and instruction. The technician also offers replacement of the old model refrigerant R-12 with the new environmentally friendly R-134a.

    Replacement of major parts of the air conditioner can be quite costly and so is buying a new AC system but with regular servicing minor problems can be detected before they become too much.