Air conditioner problems

Air conditioner problems can occur when you least expect them and can create uncomfortable surroundings for you whether the air conditioner is in the car, in your house, at a building or a hotel room. There are many problems that an AC can experience either due to age, external factors or other factors. This article points out some of the most common problems that AC can experience.

The first thing to understand is that most of the air conditioners have almost similar parts and these are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator and the refrigerant and pipes. Refrigerant is the liquid medium used by all these components to transport heat.

One of the most common problems is a damaged compressor and it is detected by leaks of refrigerant or oil or noises when the AC is turned on. Service Company’s technicians can detect leaks using a special dye and a specific backlight to look for and fix the leaks and later recharge the system with the recommended amount of refrigerant. Leaks are not easy to detect because they evaporate on exposure. When leaks are not fixed immediately they can sometimes come into contact with moisture and result in forming corrosive acids that eat away at the compressor and then it will have to be replaced.

However when AC leaks are detected early enough they can be fixed without too much expenses. The next question to answer would be how to know whether your system has a leak. Since refrigerant evaporates on contact with air it is not easy to detect leaks with the naked eye but leaks affect performance of your AC. When you detect your AC performance going down in any of the following ways you should contact a qualified technician to come and do a diagnostic check on your AC before doing any repairs or replacements:

  • The AC does not cool the temperature to the level it used to
  • You can hear noises from the AC components when you turn on the AC
  • When you turn on the AC is starts out cool then begins to get warm
  • You turn on the AC and there is no response or change in temperature
  • Any of the problems listed above could cause be because of a leaking problem or any other sort of problem that would require the involvement of a qualified technician to fix it. Most of the AC components can easily be fixed but if repairs wait too long then you would have to replace those parts. Service companies usually stock AC parts and they can do a quick replacement job. You can avoid regular repairs by scheduling maintenance checks once or twice a year to keep your AC system functioning at optimum levels. This maintenance will save you costs and potential replacements of parts and sometimes the entire AC system.

    You should always get a certified and trained technician to do both maintenance and repair work on your AC system.