Air conditioner prices

Air conditioner prices are set according to a number of factors including the model, the components, the installation fees and other factors. Purchasing an air condition for your home, business or any other building is not easy you have to decide on the different types of air conditioners, the window air conditioner, the portable air conditioner, the split system air conditioner and the central air conditioners. There is also the car air conditioner for your vehicle. New air conditioners are quite expensive and that is why you should consult a contractor or a certified technician to choose the best fit for your home depending on the seasonal temperature of where the system will be located, the type and age of your home, the interior duct work inside your home, local or state regulations and available tax rebates.

New models though expensive will save you the cost of utility bills in the long run because they are more efficient. For hotels and other buildings they require room to room air conditioning so that the individual can decide the temperature of the room. Room air conditioners are installed on windows and are quite efficient for small spaces. It is also known as a unitary system because it has a compact box where the components are all placed. During adverse weather conditions the window air conditioner should be covered with insulated material to prevent damage.

The portable air conditioner is suitable for people who are always moving around. You place it on the floor and it starts altering the room temperature and expels the unwanted heat to the outside using a hose. The major inconvenience of this unit is that it is very noisy.

The split system usually has the evaporative unit on the inside and the condensing unit on the outside. The condenser is where the refrigerant is cooled and the heat is expelled to the outside while the evaporative unit keeps the room cool.

The central air conditioner is found in most factories and large buildings because it can transfer the heat or cool air through large spaces.

All these units have similar components such as the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the drier or accumulator and the expansion valve and these parts are interconnected using pipes and valves and the medium liquid refrigerant. The refrigerant can change from liquid to gas when it changes state and it can revert back to liquid when cooled.

Prices of air conditioners can also be determined by whether you are buying a new or a second hand unit. New units have some special features like a remote to adjust the temperature settings from the comfort of your seat. Second hand unit can also be quite good if they haven’t been used for too long. It is also important to note that if you buy the major industry names or brands they will be quite costly but if you go for the cheaper brands you can be sure they will be more pocket friendly.