Air conditioner maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance is the regular servicing of your air conditioner also known as AC or air con and depending on your type of air conditioner it can be once or twice a year. The maintenance can be done with or without an appointment for most service companies. The appointment is usually set for your own convenience. The maintenance is done as a performance check on all your air conditioners parts to ensure that you are set for tough weather conditions such as summer and winter and to save you higher costs later that would be spent replacing a particular part. The inspection and testing process alone can take at least 30 minutes when there is no problem detected.

Most service companies offer the option of fixing any problem the same day it is discovered or rather on the day of maintenance. Maintenance service of your AC requires a specialized expert and very specific tools suited to your type of air conditioner. Many companies are equipped with a device known as the RTI RHS980 which is required to performance tests on your air conditioner and without it would be quite a task to identify the problem within the AC system.

The law regulates who services and does repairs on the air conditioner system and the technician has to be certified before he can operate on an AC. This test is usually conducted by the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS).Always check that the technician who is working on your AC has this accreditation.

This Mobile Air Conditioning Society was founded in the after the EPA started requiring special certification for any technician servicing any AC systems. The MACS certification test is made to test the technician on recycling and recharging the refrigerant of an AC system. Refrigerant is the medium fluid that flows in an air conditioner and is highly volatile and dangerous substance therefore one requires certification by the EPA before handling it. Some repair service companies have their own onsite training, where technicians receive the complete training regimen necessary to understand and successfully recharge and repair any AC system part. Then after this training the technician can then take the test from MACS.

The first thing that the technician will check for is leaks using a special dye. This is because refrigerant when exposed through leaking evaporates. He/she will also look at the pressure readings and basically does a visual test to tell whether the air conditioner needs an in depth check. The specialized expert will also be able to change your old refrigerant type to the new environment friendly refrigerant. The technician will also recharge your system for you. If you are low on refrigerant he will do the evacuation then fill it with the appropriate amount of refrigerant. The technician may also recommend that some of the parts be repaired. Although he will not replace anything without your consent and he will show you the price of the item to be replaced and the models available.