Air condition

Air condition is a way of changing the temperature and quality of the air to make the surroundings more comfortable by either making the area warm or cool. There is a specific jargon for air conditioners and when talking to an expert about air condition the most common terms you might hear are PTAC, window, portable, central, split, ductless systems which are type of air conditioners and compressors, evaporators and condensers which are the components that make up an air conditioner. There are various installation types you could get for your convenience there are the unitary air conditioners such as the window units which are also wall air conditioners but because you cannot be poking holes on the wall they are installed on the window. Then there are the portable units that you can move around depending on where you would want them to be used. Room air conditioners are mostly found in hotels because it would not be cost effective to have air conditioners in each room in your house.

All air conditioners have common parts that make the major part of an air conditioner and these include a refrigerant, compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator coil. The refrigerant is the fluid that carries the heat from one component to the other until it is released to the environment. It has a unique feature of changing state from liquid to gas when it absorbs heat and can revert back to liquid upon being cooled. The change in state occurs in the compressor where the gas is pressurized and loses its latent heat of vaporization to change from gas to liquid.

The window air conditioner is the most common type of air conditioner found in the home. It is also known as the wall air conditioner although a true wall air conditioner during installation would require boring of holes in the wall to accommodate it. The window air conditioner is convenient because it just requires to be installed on an open window. It is also referred to as a unit air conditioner because it is self contained on the window. The one disadvantage of this system of air conditioning is that it requires to be protected from harsh weather conditions otherwise it might breakdown and need costly repairs. It works by ejecting heat on the outside and blowing cool air to the interior of the house.

Another popular type of air conditioner is the portable air conditioner which is also a unitary system. It is advantageous because it is small and can easily be carried around. It is placed on the ground and expels heat on the outside using a hose that is connected to the exterior wall. It has all the components on a compact box similar to the window air conditioner. Its main disadvantage is that it is noisy and it is actually noisier than all the other air conditioners.

Then there is the split or ductless system type of air conditioner. It is also known by its popular acronym PTAC, packaged terminal air conditioner and is more popular in hotels and apartments.

Consulting a technician will help you decide the most suitable air condition type for your home.