Air condition units

Air condition units have become an integral part of our homes such that we do not even notice the adverse weather conditions outside. When selecting an air condition unit it is important to select the right unit that is efficient and that will not be too noisy and will save on the energy it consumes. It is also important when you acquire an air condition unit to have it maintained or serviced before the major seasons of summer and winter so it does not stop functioning when you need it most.

A good air condition unit will be efficient; it will not affect the electricity bills too much, is dependable year after year after maintenance, is quiet and is able to cool your house sufficiently because it is the right size.

A small air conditioner will not be able to moderate the air quality of the entire house. A large air conditioner that is too big for your house will not be efficient because it will consume too much energy. To make the correct judgment for the unit to get for your household you should contact a contractor who will check your house for how old it is, whether it has previous ducts, window dimensions, local climate, floor space, insulation, appliances used in the home for heat and then he will determine the unit that is most suitable for your home.

To get a good contractor you should check his qualifications, ask around for recommendations and try and find a contractor that is easily reachable and has a good reputation of being efficient and being able to get the work done. The contractor will then be able to tell you the best unit for your home with the best cooling capacity either in Btu/h or in refrigeration tons.

Air conditioner manufacturers are regulated by law to rate their equipment according to its energy efficiency. This rating is known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating abbreviated as SEER. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the air condition unit.

You can always replace your old model with the newer more energy efficient models that have a higher SEER rating. The higher the SEER the more expensive the unit but you can consider it a onetime investment for your home because it will significantly reduce your utility bills compared to the old models. Also try and buy a unit that has a grill design because it will be less noisy because it minimizes air restrictions and the fan can work quietly. Another feature to look for is a louvered system because it means the coils are protected from damage.

Whichever unit you finally decide on ensure you have it serviced regularly or have it checked when you notice any changes in its performance because sometimes it could be a simple leak problem and then if ignored you would have to replace the compressor which is an expensive component. It is always important to also make sure you get the warranty of the system you are buying.