Air condition repairs

Air condition systems are used to make our surroundings more tolerable to the temperature by cooling the air. In a vehicle the car air conditioner will keep you cool on long and short distances. It is controlled manually by turning a knob or pressing a button but modern cars have the sensors to detect the temperature and automatically switch on the air conditioner. The car air conditioner is made up of the following parts the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the expansion valve and the receiver also known as the dryer. These components are connected through various tubes, pipes and use refrigerant as their liquid medium.

Like any other system the car air conditioner system experiences some problems that require the attention of a qualified technician in order to be fixed. One of problems that your AC may start showing is noise. When your AC starts making noise as it operates this could indicate a problem with the compressor. The compressor is the central part of the air conditioner. It acts like the pump that pushes the refrigerant through the whole AC system. The technician will first do a diagnosis of the system before trying to fix anything. He will use pressure gauges and he will also conduct a performance test. If the compressor can be fixed then he will repair the damage. However, if it is irreparable then he will advice that you replace it. Most service companies have all the air conditioner parts and he will replace it quickly.

Another problem that affects air conditioners causes them not to be as cool as they used to be. You will notice a distinct change in temperature and you can call the technician to come and fix your AC system. Sometimes this could be lack of enough refrigerant in your system either through usage or through leakage. If the problem is just lack of refrigerant the technician will fill up the system with the appropriate amount of refrigerant according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If it is leaking then the technician will use a special dye to detect the leakage and fix the leaking paces before topping up with the appropriate amount of refrigerant.

Additionally the AC could also start giving off an awful smell. This usually indicates a system that has too much bacteria. The evaporator could have formed mold and had encouraged the growth of excess bacteria. This smell isn’t normal and you should contact a technician to come and fix it. The technician will use some anti bacteria to spray the evaporator to clear all bacterial growth. The technician will also change the filters on the drier so that they cannot accumulate dust.

These are just some of the repairs done day to day by air condition technicians in a long list of air of repairs that they do and they will recommend you schedule for maintenance of your system so you don’t have to shoulder high cost from replacements of parts especially the major components.