Ac repair cost

An Air Conditioner also known as an AC is a machine that is used in changing the temperature of air to a suitable temperature according to the surrounding need. The Ac has various components but most air conditioners have five major components:

  • The refrigerant that carries the heat from one part to another, converts hot air into cold air
  • The compressor draws in the refrigerant ,senses temperature change, pressurizes refrigerant
  • The condenser expels the heat by converting refrigerant gas into liquid
  • The expansion valve regulates refrigerant flow and monitor the temperature and pressure
  • The evaporator cools the car by blowing hot air from the refrigerant
  • These five components may sometimes not work well or one of them may not function well and you will need to call a technician to fix your AC. There is the range of costs that a technician will charge you in order to repair your AC

    $100-300 this is the cost for the initial diagnosis of your AC. This includes evaluation of your AC including checking all pipes, belts and topping it off with fresh refrigerant and filling it. The price of refrigerant is the same at most stores but the technician may include a service charge to the bill.

    $150-800 this cost is for all minor repairs and then recharging it. It also includes the replacements of a few broken down parts such as pipes, sensors, compressor or condenser.

    $1000-4000 this is the cost for comprehensive AC repair and can be more depending on the model. This extensive repair includes the replacement of many parts of the AC or all of them, from the major components to the minor components and then recharging the refrigerant. For some old models they may have to be refitted with the new environmentally friendly refrigerant.

    Installation of an AC can be quite costly depending on the installation type. For vehicles the costs ranges from $1500-4000 and this can even be higher. Luxury vehicles are even more expensive.

    Motor vehicle air conditioning repairs are governed by federal and state environmental regulations, and must be done by a certified technician using specialized equipment. The Environmental Protection Agency explains how automotive air conditioning affects climate change.

    Repairs typically involve an initial diagnosis then locating and stopping leaks; it can be tricky to find a small, slow leak in a hard-to-reach area, so it sometimes requires several attempts to fix the system. This is because refrigerant evaporates on exposure to air and therefore you require a special dye to trace leaks and their sources. To add an air conditioning system to a vehicle that initially did not have one involves installing new under-hood components, modifying the dashboard and adapting the existing ventilation controls. Air conditioning repairs are available from various car dealerships or companies and these include Firestone and Midas among others. Any technician you get should be qualified and certified and you can always search online to find a repair company near you for convenience.