AC repair services

AC repair services are offered by repair shops and sometimes the AC companies and even some freelancing technicians. Most AC repair services include some of the following checks and they also come with recommendations based on the initial diagnosis. The AC repair services fix your AC and some even offer warranty for the repairs.

The AC Performance Check is the most basic service that is used to determine the condition of your AC system and to find out whether or not you need any additional work performed and it includes:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Performance Test
  • Pressure and Leak Test
  • Then there is the AC Evacuate and Recharge which usually includes the:

  • Recovering and recycling any remaining old refrigerant from your A/C system.
  • Evacuate system according to your car manufacturer’s manual for proper evacuation.
  • Recharge AC system with proper amount of new or recycled refrigerant. This usually means filling the refrigerant to the specified level
  • Verify System is performing well by checking pressure using a PSI and temperature control.
  • AC Retrofit from R-12 to R-134a which is important for old models in order to comply with the new environmentally friendly and recommended refrigerant protocol.

    This AC System Retrofit also includes:

  • Recovering R-12 from the old system
  • Repairing AC system to accommodate new environmentally friendly R-134a
  • Installing a new Accumulator or Drier
  • Installing service port conversion fittings
  • Adding the proper amount of R-134a compatible oil
  • Performing deep evacuation
  • Charging the AC system with R-134a
  • Conduct performance test on new retrofit AC system
  • Apply retrofit label to certify system as R-134a compatible
  • Most repair service companies offer the following replacements of parts of your air conditioner:

  • Compressors
  • Evaporators
  • Condensers
  • thermal expansion valves
  • Minor parts such as nuts and pipes
  • After these checks the technician may find:

  • Your AC may have refrigerant leaks and or no operation which indicates that the compressor needs to be replaced. The technician can inspect your car for leaks using special refrigerant detecting dyes because refrigerant evaporates on exposure to air and fix the leaks and then recommend replacement of the compressor if it is too badly damaged by the leaks
  • Damaged fins or tubes and poor air conditioning performance this usually indicates a worn out condenser that needs to be replaced by the technician
  • Poor air conditioner performance and moisture on glass or inability of defroster to remove moisture from glass and windows this is usually a sign of a worn out receiver or dryer which should either be fixed or replaced
  • Anytime the AC system is opened for repair, the accumulator will need to be replaced. Whenever a technician has determined moisture or debris has permanently damaged your accumulator’s performance. The accumulator will need to be replaced.
  • Replacements are usually quite costly especially those of the major components of an air conditioner.

    Repair services costs are more manageable if you schedule for regular maintenance of your system.